About Team Fido


Team Fido Dog Training is owned and operated by Cindy VanFrankfoort. The training hall is located at 3165 Lakefield Road, Selwyn. We have a 1200 sq foot indoor training area, and a 1500 sq ft fenced outdoor area!

I have been involved with animals all of my life, especially in the veterinary hospital where I have worked closely with clients regarding behaviour issues with their dogs.

After competing and training dogs in Flyball for the last 11 years I decided to turn my love of dogs and training into helping others to enjoy their lives with their own dogs! 

Find out more about the classes or private lessons I offer. Training packages are available!

I am extremely excited to continue my education by studying for a diploma in Canine Behavior, at the International School of Canine Psychology. I love to learn how to help dogs and their owners.

Courses and certifications I currently have:

Aggression in Dogs -Safety, Defensive Handling and Training

Certified Dog Trainer – International Positive Dog Training Association

Certified Dog Trainer – Animal Behavior College

Mentor Trainer – Animal Behavior College

Training Shelter Dogs – Animal Behavior College

Pet Massage – Animal Behavior College

Reiki Level I

Canine Body Language

Reactive Rover

Living in a Multi dog Household


Any Dog Can Learn! 

This is my motto. I strongly believe that any dog of any age can learn new behaviors. Using positive reinforcement and positive training methods dogs can learn new things and change other problem behaviors. Call me today to find out how!

“We heard about Cindy and Team Fido Dog Training during an Open House visit to the Peterborough Pet Hospital with Oreo, our 12 week old Border Collie pup.  We signed up for Cindy’s “Surviving Puppyhood” socialization classes, and have attended 7 one-hour classes. Oreo started out as a very nervous little guy, fearful of strangers, loud noises and traffic. With Cindy’s guidance, Oreo gradually connected with the other puppies and is growing into a very confident dog.  We have also been working one-on-one with Cindy to help us leash-train, house-train and clicker-train Oreo.  Cindy uses encouragement and reward-based techniques that have done wonders with Oreo.  Cindy’s ability to read Oreo’s physical cues and translate them for us has helped us to understand and work effectively with him.  With Cindy’s help, we were able to train Oreo in a single day to ring a bell by the door to tell us he needs to go outside to do his business!  We highly recommend Cindy and Team Fido Dog Training to anyone looking for help with dog training and puppy socialization.”

Go Team Fido!

Carrie Wakeford, Pat Kenney and Oreo


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