Life Skills Class

This class covers the basics, sit/down/stand/wait and stay. We will also work on building a strong recall, loose leash walking and no jumping. Newly added to the class is an introduction to mental enrichment games and food dispensing toys along with how to teach your dog to drop it and leave, which are both extremely important! I will teach some tricks, and add in an intro to an agility jump and tunnel 🙂 Fun times at Team Fido!! Message me to register! Class runs for 4 wks and costs $120.00

Next start date

Thurs, April 26, 7 pm *FULL

Thurs, May 31. 7 pm * 4 spots left!


To Register:

Contact Cindy to register for classes or private lessons.

Cell: 705-772-4677
Home: 705-652-6758