Private Lessons

I offer private lessons for you and your dog, in your own home.  I enjoy being able to spend the time outside of a class setting focusing on just you and your dog.  This gives you the opportunity to ask  all of your questions and work on things that are important to you. This will help you build your relationship with your dog and address any problems you may be having.

“I just wanted to touch base with you again to let you know how much I appreciated you coming to my home for Scooby.

We have been working on all the things you taught us and he is doing remarkable! We went on our first long walk last night and it was awesome! He did so well, we used distraction a few times and we also used treats when he needed them too. It was just so amazing to be able to get out and do that with him and without your teaching that never would have happened for my little man.

I am just so grateful for having met you and I hope you realize the joy that you have brought to our little family”.

All the best!


The Details

Phone consultations are always free! Let’s talk about your dog’s needs then find the best solution.

Training Packages are now available!

Puppy Pack!

For puppies 8 – 16 wks.

Let’s start your new puppy off right! We will cover:

 housetraining
 crate training – making the crate a happy place!
 proper ways to socialize your puppy
 puppy nipping
 focus and attention on the owner
 basic obedience including sit, down, stand, stay and recall
 good games, like tug and how to have fun!

3 pack – 3, one hour sessions $160.00
6 pack – 6, one hour sessions $300.00


For puppies over 4 mths and adult dogs

 All basic obedience cues including sit, down, stand, stay,
 rocket recall!
 nice door greetings, no jumping on guests!
 making the crate a happy place
 loose leash walking
 impulse control

3 pack – 3, one hour sessions $160.00
6 pack – 6, one hour sessions $300.00

GOOD DOG – Behavior Modification

 reactivity, to other dogs/people/random things
 separation anxiety
 resource guarding
 fear/anxiety/stress related behaviours that show as aggression
 barking
 inappropriate urination

Initial consultation required, $100 for a 60 – 90 min session.

3 pack – 3, one hour sessions $160.00
6 pack – 6, one hour sessions $300.00

Prepayment is required for all training packages. Appointments are scheduled in advance. No refunds!

Individual training sessions available, $60/hour.

** $20.00 travel fee applies for any appts over 45 min away. Over 60 min will be quoted based on distance**

“Happy Stories from the big city. We moved Bentley down, we had to speed up the process cause Oliver was being difficult. He’s spent 2 days in the city and absolutely loves it. I’m so impressed with how well he is doing. We would not be where we are today without your amazing patience and knowledge. Our bond was able to grow and I feel we have a much deeper connection now. He has handled the city craziness so well it actually blows my mind. Doesn’t care about the noise or people. We actually passed a dog in the middle of a busy intersection and he just ignored it. Thank you for everything you have done!”

Jessica and Bentley

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