Our family has recently brought a new lab puppy into our home, which bring our animal count to three dogs and four cats. Cindy came and spoke with us prior to bringing our puppy home. She had us write a list of questions prior to her visit. Her insight was incredibly valuable – she helped us to see the world through our new puppy’s eyes, and also from the perspective of our two other dogs. We will be taking “Marley” to Cindy’s puppy classes, and will definitely be consulting with her as we move ahead, and face new challenges with Marley. She offers a wealth of knowledge, and doable, practical suggestions. She cares deeply about animals, and has become a trusted resource for us. We are very grateful for her assistance!

S 🙂
Sue Simmons, CPC ACC
Partner, Sr. Executive Coach
Fernald & Co.


We heard about Cindy and Team Fido Dog Training during an Open House visit to the Peterborough Pet Hospital with Oreo, our 12 week old Border Collie pup.  We signed up for Cindy’s “Surviving Puppyhood” socialization classes, and have attended 7 one-hour classes. Oreo started out as a very nervous little guy, fearful of strangers, loud noises and traffic. With Cindy’s guidance, Oreo gradually connected with the other puppies and is growing into a very confident dog.  We have also been working one-on-one with Cindy to help us leash-train, house-train and clicker-train Oreo.  Cindy uses encouragement and reward-based techniques that have done wonders with Oreo.  Cindy’s ability to read Oreo’s physical cues and translate them for us has helped us to understand and work effectively with him.  With Cindy’s help, we were able to train Oreo in a single day to ring a bell by the door to tell us he needs to go outside to do his business!  We highly recommend Cindy and Team Fido Dog Training to anyone looking for help with dog training and puppy socialization.

Go Team Fido!

Carrie Wakeford, Pat Kenney and Oreo

Hi Cindy,

I just wanted to touch base with you again to let you know how much I appreciated you coming to my home for Scooby.

We have been working on all the things you taught us and he is doing remarkable! We went on our first long walk last night and it was awesome! He did so well, we used distraction a few times and we also used treats when he needed them too. It was just so amazing to be able to get out and do that with him and without your teaching that never would have happened for my little man.

I am just so grateful for having met you and I hope you realize the joy that you have brought to our little family 🙂

All the best,


“Happy Stories from the big city. We moved Bentley down, we had to speed up the process cause Oliver was being difficult. He’s spent 2 days in the city and absolutely loves it. I’m so impressed with how well he is doing. We would not be where we are today without your amazing patience and knowledge. Our bond was able to grow and I feel we have a much deeper connection now. He has handled the city craziness so well it actually blows my mind. Doesn’t care about the noise or people. We actually passed a dog in the middle of a busy intersection and he just ignored it. Thank you for everything you have done!”


Thank you, Jessica, for all your hard work with Bentley! You are a great dog mom! 


“It’s like I have a new dog! Cindy has a wonderful approach to training your canine. I have been to another trainer whose tactics were borderline abusive. Cindy was fun and caring, and he responded so well to her methods! Thank you!!”

Dayna and Gus