Classes and Walks

Team Fido Dog Training offers small group classes as well as group socialization walks.

Classes includes:

  • Canine Fitness, Focus, and Fun
  • Small Dog Play Group
  • Team Walk
  • Puppy Kindergarten Class
  • Life Skills (Obedience) 
  • Fun Dog (Fun Agility)
  • Tricks!
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To learn more about how to prepare for a class and what to bring, visit out blog post Preparing for a Class.



Intro to Fitness, Foundations, Tricks and FUN!

This class will help handlers to become more skilled in working one on one with their dog. We will introduce fitness equipment, work on some foundation obedience skills, teach tricks, introduce puzzles, and just have fun! This class is perfect for puppies 4 mths of age and over, adult dogs and senior dogs. At the end of the 4 wks you will have qualified to receive your Novice Trick Title from Do More With Your Dog!

This class is not suitable for dogs that are reactive or too overwhelmed being around other dogs in a class setting. Contact me if you have any questions!

Class is limited to 4 dogs. Email to register.

  • Sat Feb 11, 25, Mar 4, 11 – 9 am *FULL
  • Sat April 1, 8, 15, 22 – 9 am *FULL
  • Sat May 6, 13,(no class on the 20th) 27, June 3 – 9 am
  • Cost is $160 + hst for the full 4 wk session


Canine Fitness, Focus, and Fun 

This is a great specialty class! You won’t find this class offered anywhere but at Team Fido! Over this 4 week class we will work on building focus and attention on the handler, and teaching your dog calm behaviours. Each week I will help you to introduce different food puzzles, and learn a new trick. We will introduce balance equipment, working on some conditioning for your dog to build core strength and hind end awareness. Your dog will also be able to work through an indoor obstacle course. Lots of training in a fun format! This class is limited to 4 dogs. This class is not suitable for dogs that are reactive or too overwhelmed being around other dogs in a class setting.Contact me to register, these spaces will go fast! 

Prerequisite: Your dog must have already taken a class with Team Fido, or have done private training with Cindy or Ali from All Tied Up. 

  • Fri Feb 10, 17, 24, Mar 3 – 10 am **FULL
  • Sat Feb 11, 25, March 4, 11 – 10:15 am **FULL
  • Fri Mar 10, 17, 24, 31 – 10 am
  • Fri  Apr 7, 14, 21, 28 – 10 am
  • Sat  Apr 1, 8, 15, 22 – 10:15 am
  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Cost is  $160 + hst for the full 4 wks

Contact me to register!

Small dog playgroup – **Spots limited, contact me to register**

For small breed adults and puppies under 20 lbs.  Dogs must be dog friendly.
The Team Fido training hall offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for fun and games!
This playgroup will be offered:

  • Sat  1130 am
  • Sun 11 am
  • Cost: $25 (hst included) per session

Proof of vaccines required.

 Buy a package of 5 for $100+ hst

Contact me to register!


Team Walk! 

Team Walk

Sunday Team Walk is a group walk with our dogs, to work on focus and attention on the handler, loose leash walking and ignoring distractions.The entire walk is like a training class, every time a dog/human/stroller/motorized wheelchair/skier/bike rider (whatever a dog may be reactive too) approaches all we all move off to the side, working on focus and attention on the handler. I work individually with each dog as needed, often walking the dog for the owner to work on specific behaviors. We also add in some parkour style training teaching “paws up” on park benches, rocks, and other obstacles. Many of these dogs can’t be close to other dogs at all on a normal walk. This isn’t a “stroll in the park” walk 🙂 This is a training walk!  NO shock/choke/prong collars. NO flexi’s! Your dog should be wearing, a flat collar or harness and six foot leash. Come out and try one of the new Freedom No Pull Harnesses that I now have available!


Cost is $25 (hst included)  **Contact me to register!**


Puppy Kindergarten Class – Space limited, contact me to register!


For all puppies 9 wks to 16 wks. 

Socialization is about introducing puppies to not only other puppies but new people, new environments and different things like interesting surfaces to walk and climb on. For the first 4 mths it’s important for puppies to learn about sounds, smells, and the environment around them without fear. We focus on building confidence around other humans and dogs, and developing a great bond with their guardians.

Help your puppy learn in a safe, positive environment. This 40 min session is a balance of Q & A, intro to puzzle toys, working through an obstacle course and some off leash play.

Proof of vaccines is required! Call or email to register.

  • When: Wednesday Evenings at 630 pm and 720 pm
  • Class runs for 40 min
  • Registration is required!
  • Cost is $25 (hst included)

Contact me to register!


SMART DOG (Life Skills) 


For puppies from 16 wks and up, and adult dogs who need a refresher! 

The first thing we work on is attention on focus on the handler. This is so important! Then we build all of our other behavior cues on this…sit, down, stand, wait and stay. We want your dog to learn to focus on you, as all good things come from you! We will also work on building a strong recall, loose leash walking and no jumping. Newly added to the class is an introduction to mental enrichment games and food dispensing toys along with how to teach your dog to drop and leave, which are both extremely important! I will teach some tricks as well. Week four we work through a fun obstacle course, using some of the new cues we have learned.  Fun times at Team Fido!! Message me to register! This class is limited to 4 dogs, 2 humans per dog.

Upcoming class dates. No classes on Long weekends!

  • Wed Feb 1, 8, 15, 22 – 11 am FULL
  • Thurs Feb 16, 23, Mar 2, 9  – 7 pm FULL
  • Wed Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 – 11 am
  • Sunday Mar 5, 12, 19, 26 – 1230 pm FULL
  • Thurs Mar 16, 23, 30, Apr 6 – 7 pm FULL
  • Sunday April 2, 9, 16, 23 – 1230 pm
  • Wed April 5, 12, 19, 26 – 11 am
  • Thurs April 13, 20, 27, May 4 – 7 pm
  • Cost is $140 + hst for the full 4 wk session

Contact me to register!

FUN DOG – Fun Obstacle Class

For all dogs of all ages (puppies must be at least 16 wks of age). No previous experience needed!

Time to have fun with your dog, while working on focus and handling. We will introduce:

  • different types of jumps
  • agility tunnel and chute
  • walking on narrow surfaces/teeter/ladder
  • hind end awareness exercises
  • balance and core strength exercises

All obstacles are low to the ground and safe for any age/breed/size of dog. All exercises are done on leash and walking. This class is great for fearful or sensitive dogs, these types of exercises help build confidence and a strong working relationship with the handler. Inside the training hall there are food puzzles and mental enrichment areas, outside are the obstacles and agility equipment. I will walk you through all areas then you can work through at your own pace. LIMIT OF FOUR DOGS FOR THIS CLASS. If the weather is not appropriate for outside work, we will move the class inside and it will run like a Focus Fitness Fun class!

THIS IS NOT A DROP-IN CLASS. Please contact me to book the dates you would like to attend.

Space is limited! Contact me to register!

  • Cost is $35 (incl hst) per class, or get a FUN DOG pass which is 4 classes for $120 (incl hst) a savings of $20!
  • Proof of vaccines required. Call or email to register!

Class dates: Will be posted in April 2023 for the spring/summer/fall sessions

  • CLASSES START AT 930 AM BOTH Friday and Sunday
  • Keep an eye on FB and Instagram, class openings are posted there!
  • This class can also be done as a private or semi-private (2 dogs/2 handlers) session, contact me for booking times. Hourly training rates will apply.

Contact me to register!


Canine Fitness, Body and Brain

Private, one on one training sessions at the Team Fido training hall to focus on your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Physical fitness and conditioning helps to protect your dog against illness and injury, along with building self confidence. We will introduce conditioning equipment, work on building muscle strength and confidence on unstable surfaces along with hind end awareness exercises.

Mental stimulation enriches our dog’s lives by giving them something meaningful and challenging to do. Engaging your dog’s brain helps to alleviate boredom and frustration, reduce anxiety and stress, and stop problem behaviors like barking or chewing. New food puzzles and games will be introduced for your dog to learn to use his brain to problem solve. Improve your dog’s health and wellness, sign up for some sessions today!

Cost: $100 + hst per session

Beginner Flyball 

This class is for any dog, (puppies must be at least 8 mths of age) Flyball is a fun dog sport for any breed of dog, and any human! Training
is done by teaching first catching a ball, then going over jumps, then going the jumps with the ball IN their mouth….all the steps are put together for full runs.This class is also exercise for the handler, there will be running involved!

To learn more about Flyball read out blog post So What is Flyball.

Start date: tba. 

Class runs for 6 wks and costs $150.00. Class is limited to 6 dogs.

I also offer private one on one training. I can come to your home, we can work in a local park or trail, or at my training hall. Contact me to discuss what would be best for your dog!

Contact me to register!

Astro cropped Picton

“Our family has recently brought a new lab puppy into our home, which brings our animal count to three dogs and four cats. Cindy came and spoke with us prior to bringing our puppy home. She had us write a list of questions prior to her visit. Her insight was incredibly valuable – she helped us to see the world through our new puppy’s eyes, and also from the perspective of our two other dogs. We will be taking “Marley” to Cindy’s puppy classes, and will definitely be consulting with her as we move ahead, and face new challenges with Marley. She offers a wealth of knowledge, and doable, practical suggestions. She cares deeply about animals, and has become a trusted resource for us. We are very grateful for her assistance!”

Register or contact me for more information about any of these classes.  

Cell: 705-772-2039
Home: 705-652-6758

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