Reactive Dog to Relaxed Dog!

Some behaviours can feel overwhelming.  I am trained and experienced in behaviour modification techniques that can help you understand and address these issues. 

Remember “Any Dog can Learn.

Is your dog fearful or nervous? Act like a crazy dog on a walk, jumping and lunging at other dogs, people or bikes? Having problems at home in the yard with people or dogs walking by your house or fence? Started biting or other scary behaviors? You’ve come to the right place for help.

Problems addressed:

  • Aggression/Reactivity/Biting
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Barking
  • Resource Guarding
  • Destructive Behavior

All of these behaviors are fear/anxiety or stress related. We want to teach new alternate, incompatible behaviors to replace the ones we don’t want. We reward the new behaviors well, so your dog will remember them. We work on building confidence, and teaching your dog to think, so he will offer these new, better behaviors. We never want to use any type of aversive methods or tools, or punishment. That doesn’t teach your dog to do something else. It teaches him to be afraid of his handler, and destroys trust.

Some training facilities offer “Reactive Dog” classes. This is something I won’t do. Putting a reactive dog in a room with other reactive dogs that are all stressed out is a recipe for disaster. These dogs need to have LOTS of space so we can start to work on desensitizing them to their triggers, which are the things they find scary. We need distance so the dog can learn to be calm and be rewarded, and not worried about what is going on around him.

As I work through private sessions with these dogs and start to see progress, when they are ready, and only when I am confident they are able to handle it, I will move them up to my Team Walks (every 2nd Sunday in Peterborough) and Fun classes, one is my FUN DOG class that is fun agility, all done on leash outside. The other is my Focus Fitness and Fun class, that is inside, limited to 4 dogs, and keeps them busy learning about food puzzles, conditioning equipment, new cues and every week a different on leash agility course. There are many dogs currently in the walks and classes that started out with me as reactive dog clients.

To Register:

Contact Cindy to register for private consultation. We also offer Behaviour Modification Packages.

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