Surviving Puppyhood

Puppy classes provide a safe and controlled space where your puppy can meet and socialize with other puppies. It is also a good opportunity to ask questions, learn basic commands and have some laughs.  There is no better entertainment than a group of puppies. 

All that learning and playing also means that you go home with a very tired and happy puppy, guaranteeing you a full night sleep!


The goals of Puppy Socialization Classes

  • To socialize your pup to be friendly with people and other dogs.
  • To teach your pup to accept handling by strangers.
  • To develop the foundation for current good behavior and life-long learning by teaching basic commands including “come”, “sit” and “down”. 
  • To become a more confident, sociable and happy dog. By providing age appropriate obstacles and challenging surfaces, we help the puppy to build coordination, confidence and competence.

Your puppy is learning all the time, whether your are consciously teaching her or not!  Make sure she learns what you want her to know.

What You Need to Bring to Class

  • A hungry puppy – your puppy can eat part of his dinner in the form of training treats at class, and get the rest afterwards.
  • Leash – a 6 foot nylon or leather leash.  NO FLEXI’S!
  • Treats that make your puppy’s eyes glaze over.  A reward is what your puppy says it is.  At home or in any non-distracting environment, you can use your puppy’s kibble. But in the highly distracting environment of our class situation, you will need something excellent. You will learn what your puppy prefers through trying different things.  Generally soft treats are preferred.  Treats should be pea-sized.  Hot dogs (cut into small pieces) are good as are many of the commercial soft treats.
  • Poop bags; if your puppy makes a mess in the building or outside, it is your responsibility to clean up – for the rest of your dog’s life.

Pups at Team Fido

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